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Work Processes Management Services

Solutions designed for protecting IT infrastructures of enterprises against adverse impacts of potential natural events, such as earthquake, fire, flood, etc. as well as of human errors are live saving services.

Business Continuity Solutions include works of creating a backup of existing systems as to become active in the event of disaster to prevent facing to risky situations, such as system failures and data loss, occurring possibly under extraordinary circumstances, as well as to avoid disruption of work routine. Backup systems may be designed in different cities and countries as well as to be positioned in the same campus.

We establish such systems preventing, at maximum levels possible, the impacts of above-mentioned adverse events on business life by utilizing such products as Paragon, Vmware Datacenter Virtualization, vCloud, Site Recovery Manager, Veeam BackUp & Replication, and EMC Recover Point.

Business Continuity Solutions aim for the uninterrupted operation of information systems in case of a failure or disaster while Disaster Recovery Solutions target at recovery from disaster with the least failures and without any loss, and at resuming operations as soon as possible after a decision of switching to recovery center.

Information systems must be addressed and analyzed end-to-end in Business Continuity and Disaster recovery Projects, and accordingly, recommendations should be given on any points needing improvements by relevant company; for such purposes, it is important to work with an integrator specialized in every field of expertise.

Paragon offers business continuity solutions customized for clients, such solutions enabling relevant enterprise to respond potential failures in order for business to go on at any level of predetermined acceptance.

Additionally, it offers special disaster recovery solutions customized for each client as to have the systems become operative in the shortest time possible where they are inoperative.

What are the Advantages of Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Services?

  • You may find solutions to your problems in shorter time or ensure that your systems always stay operative with our experienced staff by taking measures in advance against potential issues, and as a result, reduce your costs.
  • You may choose the best suitable solution that you need for all and any problems, together with Paragon System experts.
  • You may benefit from experience of our competent staff specialized in their respective fields and following experiences and current technological solutions in various projects in different sectors.

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