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Structural Cabling

Paragon Teknoloji A.Ş. produces solutions irrespective of brands for meeting structural cabling needs of its clients. It provides engineering, feasibility, and consultancy services in the stage of project designs for such services/products requested.

For structural cabling projects, our solutions include using Cat3, Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, Multi Mode, and Single Mode F/O cables. One of the important components of data exchange is undoubtedly energy infrastructure. For this purpose, electrics and UPS infrastructure is designed and planned during planning of data infrastructure project.

In line with client demands, criteria of data signaling rates for voice, video, and data communication is determined. According to such demands, the most adequate products are used upon completion of indoor and outdoor surveys for client’s building. Structural cabling works include survey, project design, installation, testing, and certification. For our cabling solutions, we collaborate with the best manufacturers, such as AMP, Systimax, Legrand, Molex, Panduit, and HCS, whom we are solution partners with for cables providing 15, 20, and 25 years of performance warranties depending on manufacturers.

Structural Cabling Systems are parts of network systems on which critical business application operates for the longest durations. There is no component of network systems with such long durations of use, except cabling infrastructure. While cabling infrastructure of such key importance consists of 2% of total network investments of corporations, 80% of network troubles we encounter are due to such cabling systems of incorrect designs and implementations.

Paragon Teknoloji A.Ş. establishes for its clients such structural cabling systems with its expert staff’s experience and integrated approach to network systems that they may use for long years without any problem.

  • Right Design & Project Planning: The core philosophy of structural cabling systems is to provide an expandable structure initially. At the present, expansions and growths are not envisaged in companies. Even if envisaged, it is costly to underlay a cabling infrastructure suitable to such an expansion to be realized 5 years later. Therefore, to prepare an infrastructure suitable to expansions is the most important issue.
  • Quality Labored Finishing: Labor is the second issue as important as project designing. High standards of workmanship mean also the quality of cabling infrastructure. Because even if cabling products of the best brands are used, if workmanship is not good, it would be in vain to expect good performance.
  • Testing, Labeling, and documentation: In our cabling projects, all cables are tested and labeled based on a certain numbering system. Project docket is delivered to system users after cable routes and sockets are marked on layout plans. In case of need of any expansion or trouble shooting works, project documentation is indispensable.
  • Depending on products we use in any given structural cabling project, we commit 15, 20, or 25 years of implementation guarantees.

Data Cabling

  • Cable Ducts
  • UTP
  • Fiber
  • Coax
  • Token
  • Ring Twinax
  • Data socket connection
  • Patch panel connection
  • 19” Rack cabling
  • Testing and labeling

Telephone Cabling

  • Line installationli>
  • Socket, krone connection
  • Testing and labeling

Electrical Installation

  • Electricity line
  • UPS line
  • Ground cable
  • Socket, fuse installation

System Room Setting

  • Raised floor
  • Gaseous Extinguishing Systems (FM200)
  • Fire Prevention Systems

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