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Speaker and PA Systems

Speaker and emergency PA systems are used for evacuation purposes in emergencies as well as airplay in buildings.

While the purpose for airplay is to create a pleasant ambiance in spaces where people present, the same for emergency PA is to ensure a safe evacuation of people.

Structure of any system is determined based on volume of space, number of zones, acoustics, and demands for where such systems to be installed.

It is possible to install systems in different sizes, from single zone to hundreds of zones, from single point of announcement to hundreds thereof.

It is statutory to utilize emergency PA systems in all hotels with a capacity of over 200 beds, all buildings with construction building-site of over 5000 m2 or of over 1000 inhabitants, and all buildings of over 51.5 m in height pursuant to “Regulations on Fire Protection for Buildings”.

Such systems may be operated in integration with fire detection and alarm systems as well as flight data processing systems used at airports, and automatic announces and information messages may be entered to the system as pre-programmed.

The purpose of speaker systems is not only for airplay and PA, but also to ensure that broadcasting is perceptible, secure, and continuous.

In the systems we install, in addition to ensuring all international security standards, we offer our clients the advantages of having a large range of products from a simple analog system to multi functional digital systems.

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