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Simulation and Interactive Software

Interactive has taken its place in our daily agenda in recent years as a current and important technological issue that is frequently heard. Software sector has been positioned as a “key sector” since 2009 and taken its place in the last stage of this business having been supported with interactive software and simulators in order to create difference in cognitive processes.

Interactive software, in a narrative close to the known but a little more improved, is to enliven any processes in virtual media created in given purposes as per a scenario, on such tools produced specifically for such purposes (such as reactivated screens, reflective surfaces such as ground and walls, and simulators). Therefore, interactive software is supported with artificial intelligence. It follows from this that, the matter is not software, but in fact a medium solution working with software. Such medium includes a scenario, equipment on which a scenario will be enlivened, such as simulator, and software that is empowered with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, as referred here, narrates the systemic approach designating which response relevant interactive medium will display against which effect depending on the needs requested and previously defined. Having been reinforced with, not only technological, but also certain social nettings, it organizes the triggering factors of interactive media components and the later-on processes within a certain logic and all/chosen defined possibilities.

Our Interactive Solutions

  • Education-Oriented Applications
  • Applications for preservation and displaying of cultural assets
  • Artistic applications
  • Digitalization solutions
  • Applications for presentations and entertainment sector
  • Disaster prevention solutions
  • Defense industry applications

For instance, if you would like, you may display a historical artifact utilizing such solutions on digital environments for inspection and exhibition or may enliven any process or simulation regarding defense industry. Its range of usage is rather large.

Interactive medium scenarios are prepared in a most near-like way by our engineers, technical staff, and academic consultants highly experienced in their fields.

Serviced Sectors

  • Museums
  • Educational institutions
  • Organizations and institutions providing transportation services
  • Organizations and institutions providing services in agricultural industries
  • Organizations and institutions providing freight services
  • Defense industry organizations & institutions
  • Organizations and institutions providing emergency and disaster recovery services
  • Municipalities

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