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Security Solutions Against Cyber Attack

One of the most frequently encountered problems in the recent period is the attacks of cybers. As the traditional protection techniques against this ever-increasing threat are inadequate, it is necessary to take advantage of the cyber security solutions. Unauthorized access and ransom software, constantly renewing itself, is causing all important information to be captured by malicious people. Especially large companies are suffering both material and spiritual damage from ransom software.

With Paragon Technology, we are eliminating the threat of cyber attack with our security software and hardware. Cyber ​​security software installed into your systems under the control of our specialists is beginning to monitor its activities when a program unexpectedly interferes with system files or moves to encrypt your downloaded program files. If there is an unexpected movement, it intervenes instantly. At this point, the crypto locker and all ransom software of similar nature are disabled.

Together with ransom software solutions, we provide organizations with cyber security trainings and communicate how they should be protected against potential risks. In addition to the cyber security software we offer as professional, we also provide ‘log-keeping’ service, which becomes mandatory under the ‘Regulation on the publication of publications on the internet numbered 5651 and the fight against crimes committed through these publications’. In order to avoid criminal proceedings under the mandatory log-keeping law, we are setting up as soon as possible and we continue to provide remote support.

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