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Paragon Tag Engine System is working in site.

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Railroad Technologies

Railroads are one of the most important inventions of all times. Even in the first couple of centuries after the development of first locomotives, railroad technology failed to reach its limits. Today, railroad lines all over the world provide more transportation service than before.

Increasing shorter cycles of product and services require development and implementation of new technologies of high security.

  Our Company operating as technology leader has a long standing experience in the field of secure automation. High-precision technological applications provide substantial benefits in railroad sector.

  Technological components prepared by inspiring from numerous railroad applications proved to be effective internationally have been put into sector to be used in our railroads.

  • Installation and administration of level crossing protection systems
  • Line control and communication tasks
  • Train control and communication systems

Our project-based technologies, such as above, developed by predicating on human lives and environmental balances are based on easy applicability and sustainability principles.

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