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Paragon Tag Engine System is working in site.

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Our Services

Paragon Teknoloji A.Ş. provides technological solutions for increasing your efficiency and productivity.
Your needs are determined by our project managers and engineers who are experts in their fields, and offered to you so that you may reach to your necessary objectives.

Consultancy & Project Design

Paragon procures products to be applied in relevant project proposed to client upon its approval, put them into use after installation by its expert teams, and finalizes the works by providing necessary trainings to those to use relevant systems.


Paragon provides its clients with suitable, affordable, and reliable solutions to meet their requests and needs in Interactive Software and Simulation, Electronic Security Systems, Digital Signage, Data Center Design and Installation, Data Storage, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Wireless Network Technologies, Network Conditioning, IP Telephone Systems, Work Process Management, Structural Cabling and Integration Systems after determining them by its expert teams discussing with clients.

Service and Maintenance

It provides necessary after-sale services and maintenance services by its large technical team specialized in their relevant fields, keeps the system current ensuring software updated and improvements, and enhances the system by determining additional needs arising with developing technology.

In order to provide uninterrupted and instant support for unexpected problems for ensuring continuity of business to our clients irrespective of type, brand, and model of their products, contracted services are available.

Our clients may benefit from the service options listed below depending on their needs:

On-site Support Service / Periodical Maintenance Service / Spare Device Availability Service / Support Specialist Availability Service

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