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IP Phone & Switchboard Systems

IP Telephone uses existing computer networks and Internet, without needing a separate telephone switchboard and cabling, in order to ensure voice communication between all company employees even when they are in different cities. Combination of data, voice, video communication services on a single network brings about reduction in investment costs, simplifying support and operation procedures, and consolidation of communication between offices and plants in various cities.

IP Telephone system directs all your calls at in-city prices, even free of charge.

  • It displays how many times who called whom.
  • It allows you to designate who may call where and blocks any unauthorized call.
  • It records incoming calls when you are not at your post.
  • It uses the phone book in your PC.
  • It knows who is calling by checking the calling number.
  • It does not transfer any call if you don’t want to and records the message of caller.
  • It delivers incoming messages to you via email regardless of wherever you are.
  • IP Telephone, with all these features, allows you to amend your way of working as to increase your productivity.

Starting at the very instant of using IP Telephone, you may observe how your costs decrease unbelievably and measure easily any savings you gained. You will be able to make all calls with internal subscribers free of charge irrespective of which city or country they are. This system may have 2500 internal subscriber on a single server; if you add any additional servers this figure may go up to 100.000. In other words, no more saying of “our switchboard is jammed”.

Numbers in IP Telephone system are assigned to handsets. When you take your handset along to another country, people calling your internal number may reach you via Internet. Likewise, you may call your coworkers by dialing relevant internal numbers.

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