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Paragon Tag Engine System is working in site.

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Fire Warning Systems

Fire detection and alarm systems are such systems established for protection of lives and properties by detecting fires in initial stages in all and any type of structure, building, facility, and workplace, informing those in buildings of circumstances, and whistle blowing to enforcement units and fire brigade.

Although all security systems are vital, necessity of fire detections is much more obvious in consideration of any damages a fire may inflict on any building and its residents.

  • Conventional Systems
  • Addressed Systems
  • Air Sampled Systems
  • Gaseous Extinguishing Systems
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Emergency Lighting and Routing Units


Fire detection systems are designed complying with applicable fire protection regulations and relevant standards. A large variety of applications is possible to meet various needs in buildings.

In present-day technological structuring, the need and level of integration of fire detection systems and other security and control systems in high buildings, factories, business centers, hospitals, and buildings where people are densely present are increasing with every passing day.


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