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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a system that is rather easy to use and enabling remote administration of multi localities through a single station. In present, the trend in enterprises, banks, hotels, tourism agencies, and chain stores is in this preference. Digital Signage is the right choice for reaching target customers at the instant of purchase, advertising right products to customers at the right time with advertisements provided at the instant of decision making, and making corporate advertisements and announcements more efficient.

Digital Signage;

  • It allows accessing to all screens via servers.
  • It is possible to ensure content management from a single center.
  • It is a responsive, reliable, and result-oriented solution.
  • Users may benefit from customized theme options.

  • Limitless Resolution Support for Vertical & Horizontal Screens
  • Flexible Content Timing & Planning
  • Role Model Authorization
  • Group Management
  • Content Management
  • RSS Management
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Monitor Management
  • Compatibility to all Screens and Brands
  • High Quality Video Playing
  • Power Management
  • Elaborate Reporting
  • Easy Screen Design with Drag & Drop


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