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Data Storage & Backup

Paragon Teknoloji offers software and hardware solutions for data storage and backups in order to ensure reliable and sustainable performance of the data from your key business applications.

What are the Advantages of Data Storage and Backup Services?

  • Without needing to invest for labor and hardware, you may gain cost advantage and efficiency by supplying your data storage and backups from Paragon Teknoloji.
  • Benefiting from the experience of our staff engaged in various projects of storage technologies, you ensure getting the highest efficiency in your applications.
  • Periodical backup or storage reports provide you with up-to-date information on the performance of your applications.
  • By means of flexible modeling, you adopt in as short time to such cases of business expansion, contraction, or reorganization.
  • You may easily meet any requirements of the legislations on data storages.
  • Positioning of backup systems depends on such parameters as size and type of data to be backed up, backup frequency, data changing ratio, maximum allowable data loss, and required retrace interval. In addition to all these, it is expected to have uninterrupted and complete retrace of backed-up data.

With the increase of demands in virtualization solutions, importance of backup solutions for virtual environments is increase. For such purpose, solutions backing up data on disks or cartridge are preferred. For disaster recovery scenarios, backup environments may be established by making replications on various locations. Depending on the structure to be established, backups may be made via LAN or SAN.

An effective data storage and backup solution;

  • Must have a flexible architecture,
  • In case of error, must be retrieved quickly, uninterrupted, and without any loss,
  • Must support different protocols,
  • Must have a very small tolerance for data losses,
  • Must work together with virtualization solutions,
  • Must be always ready for disasters.
  • Paragon offers backup solutions both for software and hardware irrespective of producers.

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