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Data Center Design & Setting

Data Centers are the heart of technological processes. In recent years, the importance attributed to business continuity and efficiency has emerged widely. In order to ensure business continuity, data center must be designed rather well, and it is necessary to design all required hardware and components working in the most efficient and reliable way.

Acclimatization, fire measures, electrical infrastructure and cabling as well as security and monitoring systems are the main elements to which attention must be paid.

For instance, a good acclimatization design provides high energy saving. Electrical and data infrastructure must be built envisaging future expansions of any planned network architecture. In particular, floor, ceiling, and wall applications have direct impact on operational conditions of systems planned in a system control room. Fire-resistant partitions and wall panels, suspending ceiling and floor covering, paint, plaster, and impermeability works are practiced as per internationally recognized project principles. In order to have advantage in the long run, first planning and designing must be carried out properly by expert teams. Organizations or institutions must be warned regarding to disaster prevention systems, security and monitoring solutions that may be installed at small costs against contingencies, and the most adequate design as per price vs. efficiency must be implemented.

Paragon Teknoloji A.Ş. acts according to aforementioned principles and ensures to have your corporate network installed and managed in the most efficient way by its team specialized in respective fields.



  • Raised floors
  • Electric power systems & power boards
  • Data center cabinet systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Gaseous fire extinguishing systems
  • High precision air conditioning (HPAC) systems
  • Fire-resistant door and wall applications
  • Electronic security systems
  • Systems for secure access to system room

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