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Cyber Security

Cyber attacks become one of the issues we frequently encounter with along development of technology. Usual protection techniques unfortunately fail against ever increasing cyber threats. New generation apps of unauthorized access as well as ransonwares, a new one of which is encountered with each passing day, bring along material and intangible losses particularly for large corporations. For the sake of prevention of such, as Paragon Teknoloji, we provide support by means of cyber security software solutions ensuring full-range of protection of system computers, determination, and blocking of any malicious software in advance.

We professionally establish protection components for such as threat perception, impact analysis, prevention of data leakage, and elimination of unauthorized access in your systems by means of security software and devices. Such solutions that are not ordinary security software or anti-virus program conduct kind of an analysis of suspicious behaviors by making use of artificial intelligence. In case any software interferes unexpectedly with system files, or when any download file becomes active for encoding your files, they start checking all such activities. Allowing perceiving malicious behaviors and eliminating any potential problems instantly, it is a strong shield against ransonwares, such as Crypto Locker, WannaCry, or Petya, causing great impact in the world and substantial losses.

In addition to cyber security solutions we provide, by means of cyber security trainings we offer to corporations, we ensure prevention of potential security risks in advance and share information with them which is necessary for learning what can be done in case of any threat. By this means, it becomes possible to pull through attacks with a least loss.

Besides the security software, we professionally protect you from any legal sanction by providing the “log keeping” service by means of the devices to be installed in situ at your facilities, a service which is statutory pursuant to ‘Law No. 5651 on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publications’.

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