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CCTV – Video Control Systems

Cameras and recording/control devices connected thereto are widely used in any location that needs to be monitored for various purposes. Although the most important objective of video systems is to monitor or to be warned instantly by alarm systems for monitoring occurring incidents for response, it is also possible to inform of incidents and obtain evidence pertaining thereto in later times by watching the records already recorded.

Having computers and network technology integrated to Closed Circuit TV, as commonly know, need to use special cables and control equipments disappeared and it became an open platform. Integration of video systems with other security, passage control systems, and building control systems became easy, and even demandable.

Cameras are not just for monitoring and recording videos; now, with addition of certain software and devices, they can produce alarms, identify various objects and license plates without need of intervention by an operator. Use of cameras started to be widespread for security and non-security purposes in a number of sectors.

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